Kevin Prendiville

Finding truth and achieving financial freedom together.

“I believe that because of the myths that we are
taught, we are losing our identity as a Nation.

In everything I do, I expose the financial and political
myths that hold you back.”
Kevin Prendiville
Kevin Prendiville


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“It's about time someone lifts the blanket off this corporatived and corrupt education system. It is the corporations that win from sending kids to colleges and schools all the way to the banks that fund those student loans. ANYONE that would give it a bad rating is in that system or has been brainwashed in this corrupt education system.”

Green Tour

“I was able to read this book in less than an hour, and read it a second time because it's a fascinating take on the author's experience in being treated cruelly and without due process by a college professor. Prendiville doesn't stop there, though: he outlines quite succinctly how colleges have students and their parents over a barrel when it comes to paying for school.”

B. Bloom

“Finally the lid is being raised on the cesspool that is found in the sewer of higher education. In addition to Prendiville's observations I wonder why ow many students are just paying for the social experience? There has to be a cheaper way. It is time to start asking questions before you sign up for what Kevin describes.”

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What We Believe

In everything I do, I believe in the freedom of man. In everything I do, I educate people as to how the Government, Wall Street, and Financial Institutions are taking this away from us. In everything I do, I believe in helping people around the globe reach a freedom they didn't think possible...

How I do this is by providing education from experts around the United States.

And how I do this is by providing grounded arguments that challenge the modern political agendas.

Kevin Prendiville

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