I Believe Freedom Starts with Education

Putting the power of knowledge into the hands of many.
"In Everything I Do...
I believe in giving the greatest secrets of wealth and knowledge to those who need it most.

How I do this is by offering daily deals to allow the most amount of people access to the knowledge that has been denied to them…

Kevin Prendiville


Freedom starts with education.

Crime of the Century

I believe that because of what we are teaching, we are losing an entire generation…

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Smoke and Mirrors

I believe that because of what we are taught, Americans are unknowingly and unnecessarily sending hundreds of thousands of dollars away to the Government.

I believe that there is a systematic confiscation of wealth perpetuated by our own Government.

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End of the Line

I believe that because of our multicultural mindset, we as Americans are losing our identity and forgetting our own history.

I believe the solutions are simple, yet are out of reach for many.

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The Five Fundamentals of Wealth

I believe the only separation between us and the wealthiest in the United States is understanding how wealth works.

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