3 Positive Outcomes from COVID-19

March 13, 2020

My Dear Reader,
Although it is important to stay grounded in reality and not get too overconfident, or too down in the dumps, sometimes it’s good to see the silver lining even in the midst of chaos here are three positive outcomes of the Coronavirus.

  1. A decreased dependence on ChinaDue to the Stoppage of industry in China because of the Coronavirus, industrial manufacturers were forced to look elsewhere for their products in order to keep prices stable. This will undoubtedly lead to a decrease in dependence on China in the future. A recent Diplomat article details this positive
  2. A bargain for those so inclined

    With the market sell-off comes a bargain for those who have money to lose. Is it usually how the stock market works but it’s nice to see that it seems to have permeated the General Public. I believe that for those who waited during the bull market for a situation like this will be rewarded in scores
  3. Continued politicization of an issue 

    It seems odd to put this one under a positive note, but it is positive in the sense that people are now more aware of the media’s ability to shift perspectives on issues. This in turn leads to a more skeptical populace, which is harder to feed misinformation to.

I hope this helps you feel a little better about our current situation, it will pass, don’t worry.

To your creation and potential,
Kevin Prendiville