Don’t you forget about the UK

February 5, 2020

My Dear Reader,

With all of the hubbub about impeachment and State of the Union addresses, we all seem to have forgotten that the United Kingdom has officially removed itself from European Union. I am not going to hide my belief on this one, I am ecstatic. It has become increasingly clear to me, and anyone else who’s paying attention that the European Union is not simply interested in trade agreements, but rather the total  integration of Europe’s Nations, their economies and their people. Decisions would no longer be made in Paris for the French, Berlin for the Germans and Warsaw for the poles, but rather through a centralized unelected group of individuals in Brussels. this is not what the French Revolution was about, this is not what the Glorious Revolution established in the United Kingdom, and this is not what the new Germany aims to be. And you can mark my words on this one, the European Union will drag the rest of Europe back down to Global obscurity, but not the UK. 

On January 29th,  Nigel Farage held his final press conference as a United Kingdom representative to the European Union and had this to say in response to a question about the future finances above the European Union and the United Kingdom. He had this to say: 

“It’s as if you’d think that the European Union was still the global superpower, and the seat of all known knowledge in the universe. The truth is the European Union is only about 15% of the global GDP, and next year it will be 14%. and by 2030 they’ll be lucky if they’re at 7%.”

His words are true, the European Union and Europe in general has slid into a second-tier on the global stage. They are not the United States, and they are not China. there’s simply no way but the successful industrialized nations Germany and France can support the catastrophic failures the Balkan States in a post Yugoslavia state. and as China continues to modernize, and for the foreseeable future as the US rebounds, the Euro will lose more and more of its Global influence.

In response to this, rather than bringing in the influential US dollar or corporations, the EU seems more content to raise tariffs and attempt to keep European corporations in lockstep with the political superstructure of the EU. Farage also described this problem:

“This is global corporatism. That is how the EU is run. This is why it’s good for big business and a nightmare for small and even medium businesses. We’ve moved a long way away from anything that has anything to do with capitalism. Because in its attempt to level the playing field, The European single Market is anti-competitive.”

It’s a strong closing argument for one of the great victories of the 20th century so far. the European Union’s rigid regulations also prevent rebounds in economic crisis, and as we’ve explored by referencing some of Simon black material, that is a big reason why they’re Prime rates are actually in the negatives. It’s impossible to know how this will turn out as it’s Uncharted Territory and the stability of the general European market is still in question. Starting with a number of social factors, but that is not the point of this article. What you need to know, and why this is important, is because United Kingdom place companies will most likely see their prices rise on the open market and this is because the United Kingdom will be going through a phase of trade negotiations with a number of countries, chiefly among them the United States. This isn’t going to last long, but it could prove very beneficial for those who have a little extra Capital laying around. And if you start with a private reserve strategy, we will have capital to invest. 

To your creation and potential,

Kevin Prendiville