Sorry Mr.Sanders

My Dear Reader,

With the recent unfortunate news regarding Bernie Sanders and his health, I thought I’d take the time to examine with you today the state of political football we appear to be in and why this is a problem in all phases of life.  When Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise was shot in 2017, there was little sympathy from the left.  While some of his colleagues paid their respects, his social media pages were filled with hateful jokes and anecdotes about his near death experience. I believe that we can all agree that this is not how we would have treated a friend or co worker had this same tragedy befallen them.  At first I thought that this was a symptom of the left.  They had gone so far into the socialist side of politics that they could only see the good in those on their side of the isle.  But my perspective has changed following the news of Bernie Sanders clogged artery.

I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of socialism.  I think its for stupid people who believe in ideology more than themselves and are willing to sacrifice their own liberty and God-given freedom just to take down someone who they believe is better than them.  I believe socialism is the inherit enemy of the United States of America.  I believe the Socialism is hypocritical, and everyone who promotes it imagines themselves as a hero of the party, never as the worker underneath the system that they create.  It’s safe to say that I don’t like socialism and will do every legal thing to prevent it.  However, that does not override God’s commandments.  Unfortunately for my conservative friends, that apparently isn’t the case.

When the news broke that Bernie Sanders was feeling chest pain and that his campaign would, at least temporarily, cease actions, the first thought that entered my mind and apparently everyone else’s was that he had encountered a heart attack.  Naturally my outspoken friends took to social media to write things like “When you want to be a good communist, with all your heart.”  While I did get a chuckle out of the wit and for the fact that my proclivities have put an unbridgeable gap between Bernie Sanders supporters and myself, death is not to be mocked.  We as conservatives have a long tradition, across nearly every culture, of being above that sort of behavior.  We pride ourselves on receiving our moral guide through the Bible and God, but this sort of mocking is not Biblical.  Rhinos may take this opportunity to take potshots at President Donald Trump, but this has nothing to do with Trump.  On the contrary it has to do with an unfortunate development known as “political football”.

Its as if our politics have devolved from principle to fandom.  There are two teams, and you fall into one side or the other and your objective to make sure the other guy loses.  This is great when your favorite football team needs your support on that final drive to win, and useless in politics.  A republic thrives on educated citizens and falls on the lackadaisical.  So part of this issue can be pinned on a lack of education about America itself.  Do we even remember what the purpose of this country is anymore?  Do we remember the difference between freedom and liberty?  I would assume not, or our political discourse would not be at the pathetic level of a he-said she-said match that it is right now.  But here’s how it effects your business and life.

Ask yourself this, would you be willing to be friends with the person that is the complete opposite of you politically?  Even if they shared similar non-political interests and hobbies?  You may be thinking that he answer is yes, and maybe you are one the nicest people that any of us know, but think about that one former friend you had.  The one who wears the MAGA hat and flies the 2020 flag.  Would you go to a bar with them?  Would you share a workspace with them?  What about that Prius driving socialist, the one who won’t stop talking about impeachment or global warming?  Would you share a plate of hummus with them, or whatever it is that vegans eat?  For me, for the longest time, the answer was no.  But I have come to realize, through the rejuvenation of my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, that turning the other cheek is truly a virtue.  Especially in those troubled times, the ability to look someone in the eye, who truly believes differently than you and shake their hand is becoming scarce.

So for smaller businesses and personal relationships, can we put aside the politics? Its not really all that important and treating it as though it is life or death has led some down a dark path.  People laughed at Trump and his civil war comments, but are we so sure that some aren’t already there?  In case it wasn’t already clear, this is bad for business, let alone your personal relationships. So to Mr. Sanders I hope he recovers.  I hope to see him compete for the presidency and beyond, for everyone’s sake I truly due.  But until then:

To your creation and potential,

Kevin Prendiville