The Curse of the $997 Course

My Dear Reader,

Social media and the advent of the internet has done a lot for both business and personal relationships.  While no one knows exactly how to advertise quite right on the platform, the gurus certainly claim to know how.  I’m not saying software like click funnels and buying Facebook ad space is worthless, my own experience would clearly show its usefulness.  But I’m talking about the constant showing off.  The Bentleys, the Ferraris, the boats and the homes.  As much as those are status symbols, online they mean so little when you can rent one for $200.  When someone shows up to an event in a fancy car or lives in a nice house, that is proof of success, but I don’t truly know who I’m buying from online.

And that gets me to the point of this short piece today.  The $997 course.  Before making a purchase of that size, you should ask these questions to the so-called “guru”

  • Who are at least 10 people that you have personally helped get to the place in life they want to be?
  • How many clients do you have?
  • When did you start coaching? (Look for someone who has been through 2008)
  • How did you get into the “coaching business”

These simple 4 questions should root out any pretenders and get you to the real level of person you are dealing with.

To your creation and potential,

Kevin Prendiville