Why I have Faith in You

April 20, 2020

My Dear Reader,

There’s an Old Dutch word that became philosophically relevant in 19th century theology. Esse Is the Declaration that something is. That is that it has meaning and that it is essentially something. In today’s context I want to encourage those who are supporting or are protesting the sudden government expansion that has occurred because of this virus. With an inadequate historical education and generally inadequate school system, one of my deepest fears was that the United States and her people had forgotten esse of the United States. Every country has an essence, or a belief system that essentially guarantees it’s being. It’s one of the reasons why a world government is impossible, because you cannot subvert or change the belief system of every single country into one universal philosophy, not without force at least.

Sometimes I feel as though we have forgotten that the United States is simply an experiment. Can the common people be trusted to understand their rights and stand by their individual liberty, even when the going gets tough?  The founding fathers believed so, and for 300 years that idea has persisted and changed the world for the better. However, progressively since about 1900, I feel that our government and governmental philosophies have forgotten that promise. For a while it appeared as though the American people were simply going to go along with this change, but would the extended walk down and the ensuing protests, no longer believe that the American people take what they’ve been given for granted. certainly, the ones heckling the protesters and the media calling them stupid is a clear indication that some do not believe in individual rights, but that’s a political discussion for another article. 

The reason I’m writing this to you today, is to give you some encouragement. Looks as though some states are beginning to open up and that this will eventually be over. Let’s just hope that tyrannical forces within the United States have been drawn out by this crisis and we can continue to fight for the American Revolution.

To your creation and potential,

Kevin Prendiville