Work like a millennial

February 6, 2020

My Dear Reader,

We don’t typically cover HR trends on this site, but I thought this one was important to bring to your attention, because there’s a small point I want to make about it. According to a Harris Poll survey, Millennials and gen Z workers actually care about their work and its meaning. 

“Roughly three-quarters of Millennial (ages 24-39) employees (76 percent) and almost two-thirds of Gen Z (ages 18-23) employees (64 percent) work in knowledge-based jobs — including professional, managerial, or administrative work.”

Aside from the obvious progression of a post-industrial society, and this is because work has gone from physical to mental, It also says something about identity and personal place. We no longer identify with the nation that we inhabit, or the people that we spend time with but rather our labor. This in turn actually improves work ethic, as the social implications from not having a work ethic are surely negative. So it would appear that the stereotypes around young people are more fiction than fact. But it’s important to note that the length of time that a millennial and gen Z person wants to spend with a company is actually 6 to 10 years. This would indicate some degree of loyalty to their employer, although this may be a result of again social work societal norms. At any rate, those have little to do with personal finance as a business owner hiring more young people may not be such a risky maneuver. 

To your creation and potential,

Kevin Prendiville